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In a city wracked by strife, the nightmares come out to play.

Mysterious, sharp-fingered Jacks haunt the eaves of the city of Almbrecht and threaten its citizens’ dreams. No one knows where they come from. No one knows how to get rid of them. And the countryside is wracked by partisan violence that promises worse to come.

Play as a thaumaturge, trying to find a way to protect citizens against the Jacks as trade slows to a crawl. Or as a young veteran who can’t tell if their nightmares come from the Jacks or not. Or as a spy stranded in the city, with no one to trust.

No one is safe when the sun goes down and you hear long fingers pattering at the glass of your windows. Nothing like the threat of madness on top of blistering summer heat and a long-simmering civil war to push a city to its breaking point... can you navigate Almbrecht's horrors to seize its delights? Find out in Almbrecht After Dark, a Fate World of Adventure by CJ Thompson. 

Almbrecht After Dark requires Fate Core to play. Inside this 48-page supplement, you’ll find:

  • An industrial-era setting that mixes conspiracy, politics, labor disputes, and the supernatural
  • Rules for creating compelling character-specific secrets for each of your PCs to twist to their advantage
  • Five predefined roles to kickstart character creation: labor organizer, politico, soldier, spy, and thaumaturge
  • Supernatural elements, such as a new skill, Thaumaturgy, for the creation and use of thaumaturgical goods, as well as rules for dreamwalking
  • GM tools for creating crises and conspiracies in the setting of Almbrecht

In Almbrecht, you're only as safe as your secrets.

The Fate Adventures & Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening. 


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