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Got this and Advanced Lovers And Lesbians for my birthday and running a magical girl champaign with it currently. It’s fun! Though a lot harder to gm than it looked like. Mostly as someone who often prefers and runs slower games it feels like I’m doing something wrong whenever I sit down and play it. The players like it though so that’s a win <:)

Picked up a physical book at Gay Pride in St. Louis. I am in love. Happen to have a friend that is running a PBP game so super excited about that. This is my first foray into the PbtA system, and anything other than D&D. We have just scratched the surface with char creation and we all love it so far. Looking forward to more! 

Hey, first of all I LOVE THIS GAME

Second, I am preparing to run it and I was wondering if there is a text/doc version available anywhere because I find it much easier to parse, reference and run the game in markdown format through Obsidian. Thanks :)

The first PbtA game that made me super excited to play a particular progression of playbooks.

what's the max and min number of PCs


There isn't a hard cap, but generally 2-5 players works best.


This game is super silly and super cute. Thanks for including it bundles!


bro i had my mom buy the ukrane bundle was it really nessisary to have this game on top of the list :|






what's wrong with it? Cover is also badass looking


rip bozo








Kinda appropriate give the situation in Ukraine.


Valid: You


A wonderful game I am very proud to have kickstarted <3 so happy to see it here! 


what files do I have to download?


We recommend downloading all the files. They include the book (Thirsty Sword Lesbians EHP0069E.pdf) and the character sheets (in standard PDF and Form Fillable versions).


seems like it would be worth 15 bucks. LGBTQ game on, which we see a lot, but has a unique plot and game style, while also being in a bundle that is raising 2,000,000 dollars for the Ukraine


And it's also apparently in a trans rights bundle! :)


Very excited to play haha, the name alone got me hooke


I found it as CC-SA-BY
So I  translated the key rule part to Chinese